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Survey Rooms and Ducts

Ventilation Ratio

Coil Efficiency

Water-side balance


Features and Benefits

Wrist Reporter TM  Pat. Pend. displays four or eight results from

different locations concurrently

Datalogs up to 10 sensors at a time

Small probes easy to place at point of interest

Calibration certified NIST-Traceable


There are two specifications for accuracy. These innovative probes were designed for

outstanding accuracy within the normal operating range. The wider NEBB range is also


     1) Accuracy is +/- 0.3 °F over the range of 32 to 158 °F.

     2) Accuracy is 0.5% + 1.4 °F over the range of -40 to +240 °F.

Humidity Sensors Humidity Sensor Provides All Psychrometric Parameters

The Psychrometric Sensor is a smart humidity sensor.  No wet sock required.  Directly measures temperature (dry bulb), humidity (%RH), and barometric pressure.  Calculates wet-bulb temperature, enthalpy (h), humidity ratio (w), grains of moisture (gr), and specific volume (v).  Temperature is certified NIST-traceable (32 to 100 °F +/- 1.0, 100 to 158 °F +/- 3.0).  Humidity specification is according to the manufacturer (10 to 90%,RH+/- 2.0). Insertion shaft diameter is less than 3/8”, and there are two versions with different shaft lengths.




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