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Wireless sensors transmit measurements to the Wrist Reporter, which displays a continuous stream of readings. A technician making an adjustment can see real-time results from four different locations. Tiny sensors are designed to be placed at the point of interest using a variety of clips, ties, Velcro, and magnets.

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  1. hood is 2 lbs. lighter

  2. Damper adjustor gets real-time results wirelessly.

up to 10 pressures concurrently
wireless results to wrist or clipboardAir_Pressure.html
  1. up to 10 temperatures concurrently

  2. wireless results to wrist or clipboard

up to 10 pressures concurrently
wireless results to wrist or clipboardTab_Kit.html

The Ultimate TAB Toolkit

velocity and static Pressure
one-handed traverse

The Ultimate TAB Toolkit

Faster. Easier. Safer. Wireless.

NEW Capture Hoods

Pricing & Data PDF (click to download):
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