Services include repair and NIST-traceable calibration of Evergreen Telemetry products. Only Wireless Sensing Modules are calibrated. The recommended period is two years. The Wrist Reporter is a digital device optimized for display and storage—it has no role in measurement. However, it is advisable to submit the Wrist Reporter along with the Sensing Modules so its software can be updated.

Please link to our Service Request Form, fill it out, and include it with the instruments you send for service.  In addition, if possible, send us the form via email or phone us at the time you send the items for service.

Click on the file to download: Cal and Rep Services Form 180220.pdf

Shortridge Instruments ADM’s are calibrated for pressure, temperature, velocity, and airflow. Readings at setpoints are compared to NIST-traceable standards. No adjustments or repairs are performed.

Instruments and Setpoints

The key calibration tool is the Setra 869, the most accurate

low-pressure calibrator in the world. The Setra 869 boasts an

accuracy of +/- 0.0002 in wc for its lowest range. For velocity

and flow tests, our VFD-controlled fan serves three test stations

through more than 60 feet of duct with flow straighteners and

orifice plates. See the nearby table for nominal test points.

Additional test points may be added for a small fee.

Barometric Pressure (in Hg):  14, 29, 32.

Differential Pressure (in wc):  10, 2, .5, .05, -10, -.05.

Temperature (°F):  33, 75, 140.

Velocity (FPM):  100, 500.

Airflow (CFM):  100, 500.  (Only performed if capture hood is provided).

Turnaround Time Guarantee

Instruments will spend less than two business days at Evergreen Telemetry.  For instance, if received on Monday, we will ship by Wednesday at the latest.  If we miss that milestone, the calibration service fee will not be charged.


Discounts are applied when multiple instruments are received at the same time from the same customer due to time saved on setup and documentation.

Pressure Sensing Module: pressure/velocity/flow*.


Humidity (Incl NEW Sensor Chip)

Wrist Reporter--new case and keypad

Shortridge ADM or HD

*Note: Flow tests are only performed if capture hood is provided.


Replace old batteries--Shortridge ADM

Evergreen Telemetry

Pressure Sensor--new case & labels

Wrist Reporter--new case & keypad


No RMA is required. Ship to factory address below. Send email to address below listing submitted meters by type and serial number.

Instrument Calibration or Repair 

Customer Service

Contact Pete for sales, service and technical support.


These items are available from the Downloads Page:

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