Evergreen Telemetry Capture Hood  

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to airflow measurement, Evergreen Telemetry recognizes the inherent differences between supply and exhaust, between large volume and small, and the wide variety of diffusers and grilles. Constructed from carbon fiber and similar lightweight materials, these hoods are about one-half the weight of similar hoods from other manufacturers. They are easy to lift, move, and place precisely over a diffuser.

Optional skirts:  Transparent vinyl skirts allow a clear view through to the diffuser edges to assure proper alignment and a good seal.  Opaque green nylon rip-stop skirts are durable and resist dirt and grime.  Any skirt size is available with any base.

Two round hood sizes of different diameters:

General purpose:

The 15” base offers great all-around performance with a weight of about 5 pounds and NIST-traceable accuracy from 100 CFM to 2500 supply, 2000 exhaust.

Low-flow specialty hoods

8”, is designed for accurate readings of bathroom grilles and similar diffusers.  Readings as low as 15 CFM can be made accurately due to the small cross-sectional area of this base.  The standard skirt frame is 14”x14”, but others are available.  Two skirt lengths are provided, short and long.  Short, about 14”, is ideal for getting into tight spaces, such as above bathroom stall walls.  Long, about 16”, is better for vaned supply diffusers that issue jets of air.  The NIST traceable range is 15 to 200 CFM, but caution is advised with respect to backpressure effects at flows above 100 CFM.



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